Here are a few services we provide

Recording Studio

At TrackWriters we have a small but very well equipped recording studio and we are more than happy to accommodate bands and solo artists.


One of the best parts about running a studio is helping clients with their music production. We love it when customers bring us a fresh new song to play with!

Production is basically coming up with ideas about how a song should sound when it’s recorded, from the drum sounds to the structure to the harmonies and sound effects. It’s one of the best parts of recording and a something a lot of artists appreciate some help with.

Midi Programming

Midi programming is a service Trackwriters have been specialising in for a long time. From live sounding acoustic drums to atmospheric soundtracks to rare and exotic instruments, we have vast VST and sample libraries so we can always find what you’re looking for.


For mixing and re-mixing all you have to do is send or bring us the project folder including all the audio files used so that we can open it up and get cracking. You can do this via Dropbox or in person using a flash drive.

You can choose to sit with us while we mix or we can work remotely, it’s entirely up to you.


The final step in the production of a great song is mastering, where we take your recorded song and spend time carefully making it sound louder, sharper, wider, bigger and more beautifully shiny than it ever would without mastering. As with mixing, you can choose to be here while we master, or you can just send us a track from the comfort of your home.

Game Audio

This is something we are just getting into at Trackwriters. We are currently busy learning about audio implementation in Unity, Unreal Engine, Fmod Studio and Wwise.


If you are primarily a songwriter or composer and need lyrics written to order, or if you’re just not sure about some lyrics you have already written, we can help. Our resident lyricist, Dan Wakefield, has written hundreds of songs over the past fifteen years and lyrics are his specialty.

To read sone of Daniel’s lyrics click¬†here.

Film/TV/Game Score

One of the most exciting things we do here is score for film, games and TV. If you need music for any type of scene for just get in touch via our contact page and we can discuss your needs.