Ok, finally we can share this! This past week we have been working with Antagonist creating the sound for the teaser trailer for their forthcoming PC horror-adventure title, Through the Woods.

We’re also composing the music for the game so if you’re interested in finding out more take a look at the trailer below, Like their facebook page, facebook.com/antagonist, and check out their website, Antagonist.no.

Every little bit of support we get will only go on to help the finished game become the best it can be and we’d all be very grateful for the help.

As always with computers and phones, the teaser is best enjoyed in HD and with headphones.


Through the Woods is a third-person horror-adventure game that tells a close and personal tale inspired by Norwegian art and nature and Norse Mythology.

It takes place on a mysterious island, hidden by fog. Inspired by Norwegian nature and art history, borrowing freely from Norse mythology retold in an unfamiliar setting, we’re aiming to do a different take on the known and lesser known creatures that will appear in the final game.

With this game we seek to capture the forest as you saw it as a child, with every dark and mystic feature it can convey. And to not feel the need to explain everything that happens with logical reasons. Can you really feel certain about who or what lives deep inside the forest?

Be afraid of what happens when you’re walking THROUGH THE WOODS, but prepare to be petrified of what’s on the other side.